Tap tap tap…

To the sound of the oldies

Like chicken in a barnyard

Pecking at grain

On dry, hard ground

I type

Telephones ring

Echoes on interruptions

Doors open and close

I must greet each one

Collect from tenants

Like pulling tigers teeth

They moan and complain

About each little thing,

But won’t pay their rent

Balance the books

Numbers go on forever

Marching in line

Like an army of ants

Climbing a tree

Striving for a higher destiny

Manage the propery

Too much responsibility

Stressed each day

Like a cartoon character

With bulging eyes

And hair standing on end

An orchestra of office machines

Hum a tranquil and unique tune

While the clock

Ticks the minutes away

One by one by one…

As if it were an hour glass

Dropping granules of sand

Separately, piece by piece…

A day in the life

Of a secretary

Will it ever end?

The rumble of motors

Traffic picks up outside

I know it won’t be long

It’s 4:55 and counting…